The Graduate School pays the health insurance premium for funded graduate students. Mid-semester, in fall and spring, we recharge this premium for research and graduate assistants, according to the account(s) from which they receive their stipend. This is done via programming that reviews a student's HRS/HR assignments. In general, the Graduate School pays the premium for students with teaching assistantships and institutional fellowships.

The memos below, outlining the establishment of the student health insurance program at the University of Kentucky, are the appropriate documentation for IDIVs, JVs or for grant sponsors requesting additional information. In conjunction with these memos, sponsors may also require semester and annual insurance premium costs for one student. The G/L in SAP for student health insurance is 520680.

Semester and Annual Insurance Premium Costs
2014-2015, the amounts are: 2013-2014, the amounts were: 2012-2013, the amounts were: 2011-2012, the amounts were: 2010-2011, the amounts were: 2009-2010, the amounts were: 2008-2009, the amounts were: 2007-2008, the amounts were:
  • Fall semester premium: $743
  • Spring/Summer premium: $1,279
  • Annual premium: $2,022
  • Fall semester premium: $661
  • Spring/Summer premium: $1,221
  • Annual premium: $1,882
  • Fall semester premium: $577
  • Spring/Summer premium: $1,069
  • Annual premium: $1,646
  • Fall semester premium: $480
  • Spring/Summer premium: $896
  • Annual premium: $1,376
  • Fall semester premium: $406
  • Spring/Summer premium: $756
  • Annual premium: $1,162
  • Fall semester premium: $374
  • Spring/Summer premium: $690
  • Annual premium: $1,064
  • Fall semester premium: $314
  • Spring/Summer premium: $580
  • Annual premium: $894
  • Fall semester premium: $314
  • Spring/Summer premium: $ 580
  • Annual premium: $894


For more information on health insurance for funded graduate students, see:

Jason Green,
Director of Funding Office
UK Graduate School

January, 2005; updated June, 2014


TO: Directors of Graduate Studies
Department Chairs
Center Directors

FROM: Fitzgerald Bramwell, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
Michael I. Nietzel, Dean of the Graduate School

DATE: April 14, 1999

RE: Health Insurance Benefits for Research Assistants

As you know, following recommendations from the University Senate, the President will be recommending to the Board of Trustees (June 1999) as part of the 1999-2000 operating budget, the payment of health care benefits for full-time graduate student teaching assistants, research assistants, graduate assistants and fellowship students. This will be a mandatory benefit provided to all eligible recipients, effective with the beginning of the 1999 Fall Semester. The benefit is being negotiated through the Mega Insurance Company.

Obtaining this benefit for research assistants was essential for several reasons, but foremost because it gives the institution the opportunity to demonstrate the value that it places on graduate education in the Commonwealth by ensuring that its graduate students are afforded adequate basic health care coverage. Additionally, UK wants to retain its most outstanding students by making sure that they do not face economic hardships and health barriers that prevent or interrupt degree completion. The availability of this benefit is also critical to the University's recruitment efforts as competition for the best students continues to increase.

Although a more formal announcement will be forthcoming at a later date, there was concern for the budgeting of these benefits for those RAs supported on grant and contract funds (ledger 4 accounts) since many of these budgets have to be submitted to potential sponsors in advance of funding. It is for this purpose that this preliminary notification is being initiated.

Effective immediately, the budget in all proposals being submitted for grant and contact funding must include the graduate student health insurance premium when the eligible student is being compensated from that source of funds. The premium for 1999-2000 is $492 per RA per 12-month year (August 26, 1999-August 25, 2000).

Health Insurance Memorandum
April 14, 1999
page 2

Health insurance for RAs supported on existing grants and contacts will also be charged.

Note that the health insurance charge will be prorated on the basis of the RA's effort
being charged to the account(s). For example, an RA who is halftime (10 hours) from a
ledger 4 and halftime from another source of funds (half fellowship, half teaching
assistantship, or half research assistantship in another unit) will have half of the insurance
premium charged to the ledger 4 and half charged on the basis of the other source of
funds. The mechanism for charging grant accounts for the cost of the health insurance
will be announced at a later date.

Please distribute this information to all faculty in your unit immediately. If you have
further questions about the funding of this mandatory benefit from an existing grant or
contract, please call Lisa Collins in the Graduate School Fellowship Office at 257-3261
or send e-mail to <no longer with this office>.

cc: Charles T. Wethington, Jr., President
Joseph Burch, Vice President for University Relations
Ben Carr Jr., Vice President for Administration
Edward Carter, Vice President for Management and Budget
George DeBin, Vice President for Fiscal Affairs
Juanita Fleming, Special Assistant to the President for Academic Affairs
James Holsinger, Chancellor of the Medical Center
Joan McCauley, Associate Vice President for Institutional Planning, Budgeting & Effectiveness
C.M. Newton, Athletics Director
Richard Plymale, University General Counsel
Eugene Williams, Vice President for Information Systems
Elisabeth Zinser, Chancellor of the Lexington Campus


TO: University Faculty and Staff

FROM: Fitzgerald B. Bramwell, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies
Michael T. Nietzel Dean of the Graduate School

RE: New Graduate Student Health Insurance Program

DATE: June 8, 1999

The Board of Trustees has approved as part of the 1999-2000 operating budget the
provision of MEGA student health insurance for all graduate students funded as full
teaching, research, or graduate assistants (or a combination thereof) and all full fellowship
holders. The university's cost for the student health insurance is $492 per student for 1999-
2000 and the policy term will begin August 26, 1999.

The Graduate School Fellowship Office, which will be coordinating this effort, is working
with several other units on campus to implement this new program by August. Of course,
many faculty, staff and students have questions about the implementation of the plan, and
this document is designed to provide current information as well as a source of further
information as implementation progresses.

Determination of eligibility

The Graduate School Fellowship Office will determine which graduate students are
eligible for the health insurance.

Funding sources

Charges for the insurance premiums will occur in the fall semester.


Dissemination of insurance cards and policy information

Eligible students do not need to take any action for the policy to take effect. The
Fellowship Office is working with the MEGA company to mail policy information and
insurance cards to students, therefore it is vital that students have updated local (defined as
the actual domicile of students) addresses in SIS.

Further information

A Web page has been created at As
more information becomes available, it will be posted at this site. Also, questions may be
directed to Lisa Collins, assistant dean of the Graduate School, either by phoning 257-3261
or sending e-mail to <no longer with this office>. Thank you.